Dear Members, We are having some important adjustments for the release of CMK coin. With us, developing CMK coin is very important, we don’t agree with any actions related to the reputation of MarketC. We realize that during the development process, you did not ensure the sales target that we originally launched. So we unilaterally terminate your cooperation with you. In the future, we always welcome your return with a detailed plan and work more effectively. In order to enhance our market competitiveness, we have suspended the provision of investment packages. We will change the distribution method to investors. For those investors who are already members of, we will guarantee your rights when we return. In the near future CMK will be listed on and some big exchanges; MarketC Trade, MarketC Game and payment gateways using CMK will be integrated and put into use more. The closing of the website: is temporary as we are rebuilding a completely new system with more surpassing points. Please calm down and wait for the innovation from us. Best regards!